Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Berbagai kesan dan cerita
Menjadi khabar peristiwa
Kisahnya yang misteri
Yang menjadi kata-kata

Terjadi didahulu kala
Digua dihutan dirimba
Keganjilan keanehan
Menjadi kata-kata

Seribu satu malam bermula
Kisahnya yang luar biasa
Semuanya ada cerita
Yang berbeza-beza

Menurut coretan sekitarnya
Diantara maharaja
Menjadi warisan
Pada kisah dan ceritanya

Hingga kini ia menjadi tanda tanya
Dongeng dan benar apakah ia...
Apakah ia hanya mainan dunia
Atau khayalan impian belaka....
Seribu satu malam satu ketika
Menjadi kisah dimana-mana.....
Ilham pencipta ia direka
Menjadi cerita pada semua...........

"solo guitar"

(Repeat Part 3 n c/o)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Silat Master vs Bruce Lee is a Myth?

According to the rumor of his death in Malaysia or Indonesia some claims, that Bruce Lee was killed when he challenged a Silat Fighter who sent Bruce flying with a deadly technique. According to the rumor this took place in 1973 and after Bruce Lee lost, he studied Silat till his death and added to his arensal in Jeet Kune Do……. The rumor is false. There are more than 3 versions of this rumor of different locations and masters that claims to defeat Bruce Lee, and what’s funny is that there is an another myth like this in India, when Bruce Lee challenged some Indian practioner to the fight and lost…… lol ok It is well known that Bruce Lee studied Silat by Master Willem Reeders before 5 or 7 months before his death and he even sent him a thank you letter. One of the masters in the rumors whom was known as Dicky said that he never met Bruce Lee in a documentary in Silat 1987 and also Meors’ never heard of such claims except they knew Master Meor met Bruce Lee but this is what really happened:
At the end of 1969, Meor Abdul Rahman moved to Air Kuning, Taiping, Perak. In 1971, he was awarded the Darjah Kebesaran Dato’ Paduka Cora Si Manja, by KDYMM Sultan Idris Syah, for his unwavering sacrifice and contribution for religion, culture and sultanate. The award carries the title Seri Paduka(equivalent to the knighthood in the British Empire). In the year 1973, Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman and his acquaintance, Tuan Syed Jamalulail, departed for London to visit a relative there. On the way back to Malaysia in Hong Kong, he met Bruce Lee, a famous martial-artist. During the short meeting, Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman had exchanged with Bruce Lee the Sino-Malay culture and ethics.
In conclusion, no it never happened….. there are more than 3 versions of this rumor with different locations and masters….. Meor did probably meet bruce lee and probably did exchange martial art ideas and probably did challenge each other, but it wasnt a fight nor Meor ever did to kill Bruce Lee….. They were sharing ideas and cultural exchanges like so many that cross Bruce Lee….
The funny thing was that the rumor spread after his death and never was reported on the news or had and direct evidences that backed it up…..
In fact, if this rumor was the truth, why doesn’t most Silat practioners are familiar with this rumor nor it never went down in history book of Silat fights? Simple it never happened….. There are tons tons tons of rumors like this one that Bruce Lee was killed or injured by something but believe me guys this story is a myth and I did the best of my ability to find the truth behind stories like this and let me tell you something, there are no evidences of this story except that Meor, a Silat Master did probably meet Bruce Lee but like I said for cultural exchange and ideas of martial arts and also Bruce Lee already knew Silats from Master Willem Reeders
If you want to know what Bruce Lee was capable of, check out Tommy Carruthers, a true JKD practioner who is the closest thing to Bruce Lee today and has similar power and lightening speed…..
o yea, lol give me your thoughts on this……… Thanks>>>>
Also forgot to mention that my theory about where this myth started…….
I believe it started with students of Meor Abdul Rahman after Bruce Lee’s death claiming that Meor fought or SPARR with Bruce Lee and beated him…..this is not the case, one of the students of Meor said that he never heard any such claims from Meor nor does he know that he met Bruce Lee….. The truth is he probably did meet Bruce Lee but they never fought but exchange ideas of their cultures and martial arts… Nor that this Silat Master killed him…… there are many rumors like this check it out, one is about place in India, other even Korea, etc, etc….
I HAVE met an eyewitness who was present (I shall not name him), but he claims that nothing happened in that meeting. Bruce heard that Datuk Meor was on a stopover in Hong Kong and met him in the lounge to discuss martial arts.
He apparently offered Datuk Meor to star in Game of Death, but was turned down when he was required to act a defeat to Bruce in the movie.
So, as far as I know, it’s been an interesting urban legend among Gayong pesilat ever since, and guru Jamaludin has never mentioned it to me in all the time I’ve known him, nor indicated that he knew anything about it. Most Malaysian pesilat don’t even know this story and were quite surprised when it was published as an analytical piece in SENI BELADIRI magazine in the late 1990s.
Though in defence of Malaysian pesilat, there are claims from all over the world where Bruce’s life was supposedly done in. From the US Government, to jealous and angry Chinese kung fu masters, Shaolin monks and triads, to Datuk Meor Rahman, Dick
Dicky Zulkarnain and Trovador Ramos, all have their own claims to having defeated (or even killed) the great man. Malaysians aren’t unique in that.
As for me, the more claims that exist, the more it proves just how much this man has impacted our lives. I have interviewed Melayu silat masters who cite Bruce Lee as an inspiration to study their own culture’s martial arts.
I regret though that some people spread such stories (even if there is a speck of truth in it) to inflate their sense of importance.
To Bruce Lee’s family, friends and students, I don’t know if you deign to read this, but I apologise if any of these urban myths gone wilde have hurt anyone amongst you. BLACK BELT once called Bruce a prophet of the martial arts in the West.
This myth began circulating shortly after Lees death in 1973. Actually, there are dozens—perhaps hundreds—of stories surrounding his passing. The three I heard most often are that he was killed for revealing the secrets of Shaolin Temple, that he was murdered by rival kung fu teachers in Chinatown and that he was assassinated by ninja. None of them is true.
Considering how much life and energy Lee projected on screen and in public appearances, it was impossible for many to accept that he had simply died. He was a cinematic superman: unbeatable, unkillable and unstoppable. The public could have accepted it if hed fallen while fighting a bunch of thugs, but an allergic reaction to aspirin didnt seem possible. Giants dont die that easily.
Now, more than 30 years later, conspiracy theorists still concoct elaborate cases for the mysterious murder of Lee. And with the tragic demise of his son, Brandon, who died in a way that bizarrely mirrored a scene in Game of Death, the myths persist, coroners reports notwithstanding