Monday, November 29, 2010

Life may not be easy

life may not go easy on you, like fucking i care. as long as i can live with it, i don't ever care what happened. 'coz i will accept what comes to me, now that's what our live interesting.
without trouble or problem life is just like a rainbow without colours. all of this will make us stronger, people always said that 'nothing cannot be solve', well that's bullshit.
there is certain matter in life that cannot be solve, all you have to do is to accept it in your life, accept it as a part of yourself accept your weakness.
don't give a damn of what people may said, they know nothing about you. life doesn't go easy on me, but i'm still breathing now that is more important.
humphh! to me friends comes like wind and goes like wind. i'm spend most of my life alone, there's no friend that will follow you forever they will gone like wind.
now, it's payback time...................

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